EnlightnU is Kansas City’s #1 Medicare Educational Workshop


You have worked hard your whole life to build a savings which gives you the ability to retire. Before you know it, you’re turning 65 and you are wondering what you will do for health coverage. Medicare, the federal health insurance program for seniors was established in 1966 to help with your transition from your employer-provided healthcare coverage to retirement and to assist with you with your medical needs as you grow older.

EnlightnU hosts Kansas City’s best “Master Medicare” Workshop, which was developed to help you learn how Medicare works, and to clearly explain your options. This two hour workshop will cover all the main questions and concerns when it comes to Medicare, such as when to enroll,работа what Medicare A-B-C-D consists of, how to select the right drug plan, how to avoid the “donut hole,” and we will present the difference between Medicare (Medigap) Supplement Programs vs. Medicare Advantage Plans.

Our presenter is truly an expert in Medicare and is a teacher at heart. Our mission is to equip you with the knowledge and understanding required and to explain all of your options so you can make a smooth transition into Medicare and feel confident that you have made a good decision. These workshops are free to the public, and there is no sales pitch and no pressure. There is nothing to purchase from us, only free, useful information. There is a question and answer time at the end of each workshop to address your specific questions.

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Meet Marvin Musick, EnlightnU’s presenter

For the past 20 years, Marvin has been a full-time pastor and public speaker. To supplement his pastoral income, Marvin began working with people in regard to some of their long-term medical needs. He quickly realized that many of his senior clients felt confused and unsure when it came to Medicare and their retirement income planning options. As Marvin researched Medicare for himself, it was easy to understand the confusion. Medicare can be very perplexing! Marvin also recognized https://jobitel.com as he looked for ways to learn more about Medicare that very few companies were committed to educating their employees on how the process works and explaining in an easy-to-understand way.

This experience set off the idea to create EnlightnU in Marvin’s mind. He realized his passion for helping people who were in the exact same situation he had been in a short time ago—very confused!  EnlightnU hosts free “Master Medicare” Workshops all over Kansas City with the mission to teach and empower those turning 65 with the knowledge of how Medicare works so they can make the best decision possible for their lives.

Marvin is a native of Harrisonville, Missouri, and has been married to his wife, Shauna, for 27 years. They have 5 children and currently live out in the country near Odessa, MO. In his spare time, Marvin enjoys the outdoors, raising livestock, and being involved in mission work.