What is a Mastering Medicare Workshop?

We understand that Medicare can be confusing—but don’t worry! We help people understand the ins and outs of Medicare every day. We’ve presented this helpful workshop HUNDREDS of times to people all over Kansas City. EnlightnU, the host of Kansas City’s best “Mastering Medicare” Workshop was developed to help you learn how Medicare works and to clearly explain your options. This two hour workshop will cover all your main questions and concerns, such as when to enroll, what Medicare A-B-C-D consists of, how to select the right drug plan, how to avoid the “donut hole,” and we will also present the difference between Medicare (Medigap) Supplement Programs vs. Medicare Advantage Plans.

No Products, No Pitch, No Pressure, Purely Informational


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Workshop Raves

“I would tell anyone that [the workshop] would be really beneficial to help fill in the cracks. When I went on the internet to get answers, I was totally confused.”