Nintendo’s role in our lives is to make people closer together through magical gaming adventures we return to time and time again. Mario Kart keeps us racing through the afternoon, and also the classic Mario platformers possess us team up for epic adventures.

But, while bringing us all into the living room to get a few family-friendly fun, there is one franchise that ends more friendships than every other. I’m speaking about Mario Party, Naturally! Stepping into a game of Mario Party with your closest buddies would be to risk cutting the ties which bind you together. Okay, so perhaps I am exaggerating, but there’s nothing more irritating than being in last position with Wario while Mario or Yoshi dance across the point in success.

Anyways, if you haven’t sworn off this franchise nevertheless, there’s a good deal of pleasure to be consumed. We observe the whole series, from its best outings to its less than stellar ones. This is your Mario Party rank (attempt to not fight too much in the comments section):


Don’t let this scenic sunny island getaway fool youas far as vacations go, the 3DS debut of Mario Party: Island Tour is about as fun as visiting a mineshaft or even a shadowy cave full of lions. Not only are the game boards themselves uninspired, but they also alter the Mario Party foundations so much that almost everything is dependent on fortune, and that is often including the mini-games.Join Us mario party 4 iso download website Much Bowser’s Tower, the long-awaited return to the single-player variant from the original Mario Party titles, is not sufficient to dig Island Tour out of this luck-based hole it quickly dug itself in to.


Mario Party 8 around the Wii should happen to be a terrific entry to the series on all reports. After all, this was the very first Mario Party game to debut on Nintendo’s glossy new Wii console, and the show had enjoyed good success for a good number of years ahead. Unfortunately, Mario Party 8 simply wasn’t all that much pleasure: which many fans feature to the fact that a number of the new mini-games were exceptionally luck-based or made a forced use of their Wii Remote’s motion controls. Blooper was also made a playable character for some purpose in this entrance, as well. So yeah, there’s that.

8. Mario Party 7 (Platform: GameCube)

2005’s Mario Party 7 has been perhaps the first time the fun-loving series really started to demonstrate its fatigue following the years. Not only was it that the FOURTH entry to appear on the Nintendo GameCube, but it also did not actually make any noticeable improvements to the total game formula or add that lots of memorable mini-games. Even the storyline felt like a tiny stretch, as Mario and friends battled onto the deck of a fancy cruise boat. The microphone add-on in Mario Party 6 also created a return here, though by that point the novelty had almost wore away, and it started to feel much more like a gimmick rather than a fresh and inventive new method to add a fresh twist to the match.

7. Mario Party 9 (Platform: Wii)

Released a whopping FIVE YEARS after its predecessor, 2012’s Mario Party 9 was the second and last game of the series to be published on Nintendo’s Wii, also the programmers took that protracted break to find out from their previous errors. In almost every way, Mario Party 9 has been an improvement on the catastrophic Mario Party 8: it had fun mini-games, some interesting game modes, and wasn’t scared to take chances, such as having every player move with all the game board within a giant attached automobile. The difference here is that these changes really WORKED, and they abandon us excited to find out what the inevitable Mario Party 10 on Wii U will get in store.


As if the old expression”Mario Party ruins friendships” wasn’t already true , Mario Party 6 came together and introduced a brand new way to get in fights withto friends and family over stealing each other’s stars: microphone-based mini-games. The series’ final episode in the Nintendo GameCube arrived with a microphone accessory that gamers can plug directly into the game system to get some unique new mini-games (and lots and lots of yelling). Although some people began to feel that Mario Party 6’d strayed too far away from the N64 roots, there were nevertheless a lot of new ideas and enjoyable new mini-games to be had .

5. Mario Party 5 (Platform: GameCube)

Following Mario Party 4 reignited victory about the Nintendo GameCube, 2003’s Mario Party 5 didn’t do much to shift up the formula, but what it did was include more of this enjoyable and gameplay that MP fans know and enjoy. Mario Party 5 also saw the string begin to branch away beyond the conventional setups of 4-player, 1-vs-3, also 2-vs-2 mini-games, with the coming of”Super Duel Mode,” as well as a heavy emphasis on Bowser and DK bonus games. But above all , the game boards and mini-games in this entry were just plain FUN, along with the Dream Depot mechanic allowed the developers to experiment with some genuinely whimsical level and art designs.


The game still stands among the best Mario Party experiences for a very easy, yet completely important motive: it contained some of the best mini-games the show had ever seen. While everything else in the game was much topnotch also, from the colorful and varied game boards to the simple yet fulfilling manner in which you could play themthe mini-games themselves were just way too enjoyable to handle.


The very one that began it all, the very first Mario Party about the Nintendo 64 is one game that many players still hold close and dear to their hearts (I can still recall seeing the original commercial for a kid!) . Marking a brave new terrain for Mario and friends which would span several years and gaming platforms, Mario Party nevertheless stands as a wonderful introduction to the treasured mixture of strategic board games and action-based mini-games. And needless to say, how could we forget about comparing war wounds on the hands of our hands at college following a night of vigorously hoping to finish that damn rafting mini-game!

2. Mario Party 3 (Platform: N64)

In case you have not guessed this by now, the N64-era of all Mario Party games are always the very best of the series in my mind, and Mario Party 3 is no exception. Not only did the game feature 70 brand new and fun-filled mini-games, but it had a whopping 12 different game boards, not to mention exhilarating duel maps that really put a special twist on the traditional board game element of this beloved series. It also featured one of the most memorable Mario Party storylines thus far, where Mario and friends’ battle against the mustachioed Millennium Star. Mua-ha-ha!


There appears to always be an ongoing debate among diehard Mario Party fans as to which sport is the finest in the show: Mario Party 2 or Mario Party 3. Of course, this kind of argument could go on forever, as both are amazingly amazing products. At the end though, we needed to give the very best prize to Mario Party 2 for a really fantastic reason: that the Mini-Game Coaster, a single-player style which let players fight their way through several worlds of mini-games with increasing problem. The Mini-Game Coaster was exactly as good as it sounds, and it probably would have topped this record in its own even with of the other board game components.