Skillful photographers figure out how to catch the most beautiful city areas at any given time of the day. Clouds that vague skyscrapers, bridges hovering over, morning fog and automobile light are those things which astonish us from the urban setting so much. Editing nighttime photography Lightroom will make the actual masterpiece. To organize the atmospheric photograph, qualitative and attractive shot, try utilizing town presets Lightroom free, designed specifically for downtown photographs. The film as well as vintage impact, warm and cold tones — each of these urban city Lightroom presets will harmoniously highlight and complement editing nighttime shot created by professional in addition to amateur. City Lightroom presets are perfectly convenient for nightclub photo editing, photos made equally in the afternoon and in the night, architectural, landscape, and for editing street photography. After the use of free urban Lightroom presets, you’ll find a stylish, tasteful outcome that will make a worthy competition to the film, that was edited for several hours. Free Lightroom Presets City Bundle Includes: Lightroom Preset #1 Lifestyle Lightroom Preset #02 Old Film Lightroom Preset #03 Ice Lightroom Preset #04 Day Light Lightroom Preset # 02 05 Cold Morning Lightroom Preset #06 Urban Lightroom Preset #07 Deep Contrast Lightroom Preset #08 Rose Lightroom Preset #09 Vintage Lightroom Preset #10 Bleaching Adobe Lightroom Presets for Cityscape Free If you wondered how to edit nighttime cityscapes or Lightroom Presets From To City en Photos how to edit nighttime portraits in Lightroom and also do editing night shot like a pro — those metropolitan cityscape Lightroom presets will simplify your life. Employing these 10 city presets Lightroom free will attract an additional breath into your own imagination. Adobe Lightroom presets for cityscape may be used for standard JPEG, RAW image formats. A great benefit is that a compatibility with different operating systems (Mac, PC). Free Cityscape Lightroom Presets General description: The colors are perfectly harmonious, which provides a casual fashion to your photographs. Among the greatest cityscape Lightroom presets for viewing photography. Technical description: The principal alterations happen in the highlights, clarity, saturation. Recommended to use: For photos taken at the evening. Not recommended to use: For photographs shot, in bright sunlight. General description: Could be viewed as one of those grunge Lightroom presets. Thanks to the color reduction, all the essential details are highlighted and the photo gets intriguing. Technical description: The principal alterations occur in the exposure, shadows, clarity. Recommended to use: For more photographs of older city districts or buildings. Not recommended to use: For pictures of contemporary skyscrapers and the photo where fashion ads are. General description: Because of its dominance of cold colours, the picture gets more interesting and more atmospheric. Technical description: The principal alterations happen in the signs of temp, tint, contrast. Recommended to use: For architectural photos