Searching for the most helpful Medicare resources in Kansas City?

Consumer Home Page Video Draft 2 on VimeoIf you’re confused by Medicare (don’t worry, most people are), then we urge you to attend one of EnlightnU’s incredibly useful and informative Mastering Medicare Workshops! We offer these entirely free, non-sales pitch, and helpful Medicare resources in Kansas City because we understand how confusing navigating the complex Medicare program can be, and we want to help you make the best decision for your golden years.

When you come to one of EnlightnU’s Medicare educational workshops and utilize our helpful Medicare resources in Kansas City, you will learn all about how Medicare works, and our expert Medicare teacher, Marvin, will clearly explain all your options. In just two informative hours, you will know when to enroll in Medicare, what Medicare A-B-C-D consists of, how to select the right drug plan, how to avoid the “donut hole,” and much more! We’ll also have a chance to hear and answer any additional questions you have.

Come to one of our workshops to receive the most helpful Medicare resources in Kansas City!

If you’re ready to learn about Medicare and how to make the best decisions for you, click here to view and register for our upcoming workshops! We encourage you to bring your spouse or any guest you’d like to spread the information. This is not a sales pitch, just free, useful knowledge, and all the content of our Medicare workshops in Kansas City is strictly governed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). We can’t wait to provide you with the most helpful Medicare resources in Kansas City!